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Creative Director

Colombian Native and US Army Veteran.

Karoll is multicultural colorful personality, that loves art, people, salsa, and laughter.

Karoll's extensive business knowledge and creativity truly brings a set of fresh eyes to all of our projects. Karoll founded Meraki Creative Agency with the soul purpose of creating beautiful experiences and things. Something she continues to accomplish day in and day out. Whether it is organizing the next venture, or installing one of our beautiful garlands. Karoll truly makes every experience a joyful one. 

Creative Design

Florida Native and Military Wife

Brittany's kind joy soul joined Meraki in 2020. Becoming one of the best partnerships since someone thought of putting cheese on a burger. Which happens to be among her favorite foods. Coincidence? Not much.

Brittany's boundless experience in Design truly adds sparkles and splendor to every single task we embark on. Quite literally from our personalized balloons to our Murals. Brittany is the glitter that makes everything we do shine truly.

About Us

Powered by Color

At Meraki Creative agency, joy, happiness, and color is life. We dedicate our creative efforts to impulse and stimulate our community. A joynt effort of creating and making beautiful things come to life.

 Meraki Creative Agency is an expert at designing and developing joyful experiences for everybody. 

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