Who We Are

Meraki Agency is a female-owned business with a simple mission:


Collaborate with our clients to catalyze their business success. 


We collaborate with brands by immersing in their vision, then magnifying it through a unique colorful expression. From creative marketing strategies within the digital space, permanent or one-day installations, her work radiates happiness and is rooted in striking urban structural design, each embracing a space to fully come alive. Meraki Creative integrates bold authenticity, creativity, and cutting edge and proven strategies to support small to midsize lifestyle brands in their quest to diversify their marketing efforts and optimize their time and money.   

What we Do

At Meraki Creative. we specialize in public relations, Digital Content Creation, Branding, Art Installations, and Interior Design/Space Planning within a range of audience segments and niche specialties.

We help our clients attract potential new business/grow revenue, connect with like-minded business professionals, and drive traffic to your company website/blog by using the right branding, social media, and public relations tools.


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