• Brittany Cobb

A Busy Start to the New Year

Updated: Feb 2

Well, it's February 1st and it's been over a month since our last blog post! (Insert blushing face here). January kept us busy and we can feel the celebrations picking up slowly as more people find our shop and COVID vaccinations become more widespread.

Here are a few of our January projects!

(Britt) custom-made lots of Bubba and Orbz balloons for birthdays, gender reveals, graduations, and promotions.

(Karoll) built a bunch of balloon mosaics for themed birthday parties.

We surprised a couple with a living room garland install for a zoom baby shower.

Designed some tee shirts for purchase. More listed here.

Got a little teary-eyed at our clients' gender reveal photos.

Prepped for Valentines.

Assembled a party garland that almost killed us (this is a slight exaggeration) on a very cold and windy day.

Opened an Etsy shop.

It'll have a smaller variety of products from our site, but we wanted to make our easily shippable items available to a wider market on that platform.

And those were just some of the highlights!

Stay tuned as we try our hardest to keep this blog updated with our projects, behind the scenes photos, and updates. And if you're not following on IG, come on over!

Stay Joyful!

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