• Brittany Cobb

Let's Get Blogging!

Hi, Friends!

We've decided to start a blog where we can share all of the behind the scenes and extra photos that don't make it to Instagram and Facebook. We'll also share tips, how-tos, inspiration, and any other fun stuff we think you might like.

Before we get into that, we'd like to give you a look into how we got started! Move-in to the space at 308 Hay Street began in July of 2020. We had our eye on this quaint, but high profile spot for a while and patiently waited for everything to fall into place allowing to scoop it up.

We got straight to work on in-store prep, website building, and booking local jobs.

Our first (practice) project was a huge garland! We hung it from the second story of our previous office space which was just a few doors down from our new space. It was super fun and gave us the opportunity to learn a few ways to tie balloons and how long different colors would last in the direct sun. To our surprise, the July sun popped many!

Then, our first official project was a patriotic garland for Cool Springs Downtown District where families could take photos for the July 4th weekend.

There's many more garlands, decor, and art to come, so check back often!

Stay colorful!

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