Umbrella Alley in Downtown Fayetteville

Updated: May 16, 2019

We should not just dip our toes in color, we should submerge ourselves to it!

Umbrella Alley in Downtown Fayetteville

Design with a full heart.

Every design and project is unique in it's own way. Every project has a different need and purpose.

At Meraki Creative Agency, we do everything with a full heart and each of the designs offers a unique perspective to a specific need. Karoll Mac does these projects to be able to connect Cities, Towns, Organizations and businesses with the community and the individuals that are expose to projects such as this unique and colorful umbrella display.

Idea Behind the Umbrella

The idea behind the Umbrellas came last year, and was initially thought to create something unique in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This melting pot of individuals that are always seeking for something unique, and much needed color. The Umbrella Alley (#colorfayetteville #bringtheumbrellasback #spottingjoy) was a perfect starting point to what our creative director intent really is, and that is to BRING JOY.

Yes, Karoll Mac absolutely loves bringing smiles and color to people, and this is just one of the many projects coming this year around Fayetteville and that has people eager for more.

Adding color to our community.

The impact of color goes pass umbrellas, and it definitely goes pass our own expectations of color. What we did with this alley was more like a dream, making something out of nothing. LITERALLY!

TapHouse Alley before Umbrella Project by Karoll Mac

TapHouse with Umbrella Project by Karoll Mac

Get Inspired

We find inspiration and creativity in the least expected places, and will always strive to keep making color and bringing JOY out of nothing. After all, we seriously believe we can find joy and happiness in the smallest of things. Such as an abandon alley, and make something unique and beautiful.

If you have a place or an event and you want to create an impact, contact us. We might have something in mind for you. It is always fun to create the unexpected!

Meraki Team



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