Karoll McDonald


Meraki Creative Agency is named after the Greek work Meraki, which means doing everything from the heart and leaving some of you in everything that we do. Following her calling, she created a business model that capitalized on her strengths; work that radiates happiness, which is rooted in striking urban design, each to enhance a space to fully come alive. Always thinking outside the box, and never understand the value of great communication. Most importantly, she has fun.

Karoll learned the value of strong leadership and collaboration at an early age, by serving in the Army Active duty at the age of twenty. and completing 8 years of service. Karoll pursued her Bachelor in Political Science, Masters of Business Administration and currently in a Business Doctorate Program. 


Karoll collaborates with brands by immersing in their vision, then magnifying it through a unique colorful expression. From creative marketing strategies within the digital space, permanent or one-day installations, her work radiates happiness and is rooted in striking urban structural design, each embracing a space to fully come alive. 


Native from Colombia, and raised in Miami, Karoll now resides in Fayetteville with her husband and children. Her company's headquarters is in Downtown Fayetteville. Passionate about business and creativity, she manages to combine both to make a lasting impact for everyone she creates. 


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